Community Formation 101 Experience

July 12, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
How do we come together and create something larger than ourselves, that living breathing organism we recognize as “community”? What part do the dynamics of Trust and Fear play? What are some keys to becoming, creating, and allowing community to happen in a way that is relevant to each of us now, at this time in our lives, at this time in the growth of humankind? We will come together to share our experiences, our wisdom, and explore new possibilities. We will look at one model highlighting some key dynamics from a vision given through prayer to the facilitator, experience some tools and processes, share together our collective experience and support each other’s vision. A Take-home Evaluation tool will be provided and explained. What would Wild Goose 24/7 look like in the land beyond the Festival?
12:00 am Darlene Wright Van Dyke