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By March 9, 2017 Goose News

Say hello to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Bec Cranford, a self-identified “Bapticostal misfit preacher” from Atlanta, Georgia. Though Bec’s new to this role, she’s a veteran community member and committed to bringing radical welcome and hospitality to our volunteer family and the Goose at large.


Wild Goose Festival: What do you consider your vision for your role or offering at the Goose?
Bec Cranford: Stirring apocalyptic hopefulness and co-conspiring subversive hospitality.

WGF: Can you say a little more about what that means to you?
BC: Spreading apocalyptic hopefulness manifests itself every time we offer love to others and contribute to the well-being of our community during difficult and uncertain times. It’s an unwavering optimism despite political climates or power hungry structures.


I hope to inject volunteers at the Goose with this kind of crazy joy in action.

Volunteers will engage in subversive hospitality by making everyone feel like they belong. From making sure we feel safe, and keeping the grounds clean, to stooping down to actively listen to five year olds, we will practice a radical welcome!

WGF: How long have you been involved?
BC: Since the very first Wild Goose festival in 2011, held at Shakori Hills, NC. Anybody else remember those tics?

WGF: What kind of work do you do the rest of the year?
BC: I make my green by engaging community at one of Atlanta’s homeless service agencies (Gateway Center), hosting mission teams for educational and experiential learning, occasional preaching, and teaching a contextual education practicum for Candler School of Theology. The greenness stored up inside comes from painting acrylic and chilling with my dog, Basil.

WGF: What’s your favorite thing about the Goose?
BC: I enjoy the conversations on the trails and watching hurting souls transform into wounded healers and servant leaders of justice.

Ready to join Bec and the rest of our volunteers? Apply now or email Bec here with questions.

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  • Judy Sewell says:

    Shuttle was great for husband (having trouble with prosthetic leg) & me (recent successful knee replacement), but were frustrated when almost none were running Sunday after service. I understand vols don’t want that shift so what about a suggested incentive, such as a vol for 12-2 Sunday counted as a regular shift or would get priority choice of other shift(s) or whatever.
    Thanks for your ear.

  • F. Jay says:

    Hi ya!
    I was accepted to volunteer last year but due to a conflict couldn’t make it. So happy to have gotten an acceptance email to my volunteer application for this year. Offering prayers and sending groovy blessings for a beautiful festival. ☮️

  • Susan R Yates says:

    I would like to be involved. This will be my second time coming. Let me know where you need me the most.
    I would like to be involved with the children this year, but will also be willing to commit to Lead Now cohort,
    as I will be graduating May 13, 2017.

    I hope to bring my own tent this year. I was frustrated with renting one last year.

  • Dana woodruff says:

    Hi Bec! Can’t wait for the Goose again. Last year I headed up the Merchandise Tent and would love to do that again! Text, call or email.

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