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Executing Grace: A Call to Action from Shane Claiborne

By Goose News

Shane Claiborne is back with us as a 2016 contributor at the festival where he will do several sessions empowering Christians to work to end the death penalty. We are inspired by Shane’s commitment to ending the death penalty and fueling his activism with his faith. Check out the below letter from Shane and maybe you can join him on the steps of the Supreme Court in holding vigil to abolish the death penalty June 29th to July 2nd.

Executing Grace Grab

A Letter From Shane Claiborne

To all my grace-filled revolutionary friends,

Here’s what I realized as I finished writing my new book Executing Grace. This isn’t just about a book. It is about a movement that has the potential to make history – to make the death penalty history.

This isn’t an ad (I’ve never been much of a self-promoter), it’s about uniting our voices and movements to stand on the side of grace, redemption, and life… and to put an end to the death penalty once and for all. I am hearing conservatives, liberals, and political misfits (I think that’s what I am) who are all convinced that if we work together we can create better forms of justice than killing those who kill to show that it is wrong to kill.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the death penalty – we Christians have been the champions of death. 85% of executions happen in the Bible belt. Where Christians are most concentrated is where the death penalty continues to flourish. It’s time to change that – as we declare the truth that no one is beyond redemption.  And for those of you who are not Christians, we need your voice and your courageous witness too. We Christians don’t own exclusive rights to grace and mercy. We need your voice.

So here are a few really practical ways we can collectively disrupt the machinery of death in America:

Order Executing Grace now, as it releases this week, so that it can hit some bestseller lists and get as much buzz as possible. If you like it, throw a review up on Amazon. If you don’t like it, keep that to yourself (just kidding). We have also created a very helpful “Influencer Kit” which is sort of a tool box with everything you need to spread the word, and keep amplifying the message of grace.

Go to our website and check out the materials there. We’ve worked hard to create practical resources, links, facts, and photos there… useful info for organizing and creating conversations. There’s also a press kit for media on the site.

If you’re feeling a little more on the wild side, join me and some of my heroes on the steps of the Supreme Court as we hold vigil to abolish the death penalty on June 29-July 2. Every year, groups working for the abolition of the death penalty converge during this specific week, which marks both the date executions were halted in 1972 and when they resumed 4 years later. Murder victims’ family members against execution, exonerees (folks wrongfully convicted), and families of the executed – all join together. It’s a powerful event, and I hope you’ll join, even for a day. Register for the vigil here.

I want you to know that I feel so honored to have such incredible friends with whom I get to conspire and plot goodness, and create holy mischief. We really do have a movement on our hands. So much is at stake. Many lives are at stake. The message of God’s grace is at stake. So let’s do this thing… and make the death penalty history.

I love you each and all. Thanks for being such powerful voices for grace. Thanks for doing what you can to amplify the message of Executing Grace and bring about an end to execution.

– Shane Claiborne
Author / Speaker / Activist

Calling All Drummers!

By Goose News

A Call to All Drummers by Phil Wyman

The Wild Goose Festival knows you have drums. We peeked into your closets and the corners of your rooms, and we saw those Djembes, Congas, Bongos, Cajons and assorted percussion instruments. Some of them have been gathering dust, but we have seen some of you making noise late into the night with your friends.

We need your help! We love drummers at the Wild Goose Festival, but sometimes the drummers don’t bring their drums. When that happens, the Wild part of the Wild Goose gets suppressed just a little bit. If there’s one thing the Goose is not about, it is not about suppressing our Wild.

So, this is a call. Bring your drums! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional drummer in a studio, someone who likes to make noise when the musical instruments break out, or someone who bought a drum because you had a little rhythm and thought you could learn how to bring a little life to the party. Whatever your reason for having a drum, bring it. Bring your drum. Bring your Wild to the Goose, and release that Wild at the late night drum circle fire pit with us.

Phil Wyman is a musician, songwriter, writer, poet, wanna-be philosopher, pastor, creator of interactive “blank canvas social art”, and a general instigator looking for people to join him in a revolution. He is the pastor of The Gathering in Salem, Massachusetts and is working with a team of friends to plant spiritual communities in festivals in the US and UK. The festivals include places like Haunted Happenings in Salem, Burning Man, and Rainbow Gatherings. The recently published Burning Religion highlights his concept of a “Wild Theology,” which envisions God, creation, and humanity as wilder than most “radical” theologies have imagined. Phil is the leader of the Wild Team at Wild Goose so keep an eye out for dispatches from the Wild Team as the festival gets closer!

Wild Goose Supports Equal Protection Under the Law and Calls for Community Action

By Goose News

We’re very disappointed with the recent actions of the North Carolina legislature has voted to deny equal protection under the law for our LGBTQ friends and neighbors.

The Wild Goose Festival is committed to doing everything we can to remain a welcoming and safe space for all who attend. While we can assure everyone that our space at Hot Springs is safe and welcoming we want to call on the Wild Goose community to work to make every space a safe space – everywhere, all the time.

We encourage you to make your voice heard. Tonight in Charlotte and Raleigh at 5:30 PM and in Asheville at 5:00 PM there will be rallies against this legislation (NC House Bill 2) and we want to encourage Wild Goose folks who live near these places to attend. And to our Wild Goose family around the country, please consider making your voice heard as well! It’s time once again to stand with our LGBTQ friends and neighbors for equal protection under the law.


Indigo Girls Return to the Festival!

By Goose News

If main stage at night is your happy place at the Wild Goose, we have a lot in store for you this year!  Much of the magic of the Goose is due to the generous and amazing artistry of musicians who inspire us and move us. This is just the beginning of the amazing line up we are putting together this year so stay tuned!

We are delighted to have the Indigo Girls back again this year. This much beloved duo is coming back to the Wild Goose stage with their sixteenth studio album called “One Lost Day.” We are much indebted to the friendships and graciousness of Amy and Emily and can’t wait to boogie down to their new songs as well as our longtime favorites!!

Dar Williams is a folk artist with a tremendous gift of storytelling. Whether it’s “Christians and Pagans sitting together at the table” or an introspective “wandering out on the hills of Iowa” Dar’s ability to weave a story through song is unparalleled. Dar is also an author of three books and a profound teacher of the power of music and songs to create social change in justice movements.

Matt Maher, a Grammy nominated musician whose latest release, Saints and Sinners is a call for social justice rooted in the work of historic faith leaders such as Archbishop Oscar Romero, Martin Luther King Jr., St. Therese of Lisieux, and Mother Teresa, joins the 2016 Wild Goose opening night experience!

Across the years, Ken Medema has shared his passion for learning and discovery through storytelling and music with an ever-growing circle of followers around the world. Ken has been performing for over 40 years and though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind, singing stories from his audience and accenting themes and perspectives from speakers and workshop leaders. Ken custom designs every musical moment through improvisation and new composition to bring each event to life.

Three years ago when Melani Jackson first played the Performance Cafe, we had complaints that Melani wasn’t featured on the main stage. We’ll never make that mistake again! We are proud to welcome Melani Jackson back to the main stage this year!

The Call of the Wild by Phil Wyman

By Goose News

DSC_5192The Wild Goose Festival is just a few months away. Preparations for events like this are best begun early, because participation is the name of the game.

Transformative Festivals like The Wild Goose are transformative, because everyone comes as a participant, and not simply as a spectator. Participants are those who live by the ancient description of the spiritual person, “doers of the word, and not hearers only.” They are transformed by their own participation. The participant also initiates surprise in a festival, and in doing so brings transformation to others. Everyone expects the band on the stage to perform, but they are surprised by the beauty of a well-made costume, or the skills of someone juggling to the music. People expect to hear something helpful and challenging during a lecture, or a workshop, but are surprised by the vibrancy of a spirited debate, or the simple eloquence of a life-changing story. People enjoy the food and drink in festivals, but are even more pleased by the camp inviting them to share in fish tacos, or a homebrew.

Simple preparations such as costuming, preparing decorations for your campsite, bringing something to share with others, and finding ways to express your own creativity are all that are required to turn a festival from an event of talking heads, and fulfilled expectations into a wild surprise of exceeded expectations, and interactivity.

The Wild Goose is wild because of you. Spend a little time considering how you will be bringing your wild this summer, and help us keep the Goose wild.

An Invitation to Songwriters: Inspire someone with your musical story this year at Wild Goose 2016!

By Goose News

In the spirit of this year’s Wild Goose Festival theme, Story!, we invite you to submit an original song to the Wild Goose Songwriting Contest.

Be a part of the collective exploration of heart and soul asking: What are our shared narratives? How have they shaped us – in our joy and in our suffering? How do we challenge the destructive narratives in the presence of a growing wave of fear, violence, and control? Can one person’s story of success be another’s story of oppression? How do we see the truth in the mash-up? Help us think beyond limits and tap into what Richard Rohr described as “ too big and too deep to be merely ‘understood’ or taught.”

Submissions will be accepted through April 30th. The winners will be announced by June 30th and will perform at the festival (July 7th-10th) in Hot Springs, NC with Phil Madeira hosting.  Categories for submission include Gospel, Americana, Pop, and General.

Guitar-LogoGrand Prize is a lovely Republic 317 mahogany Parlor Resonator guitar presented to the winning songwriter at the Goose this summer.

Click here for more information.

Mystic Action Camp: A Pre-Festival Offering

By Goose News

We are excited to announce Wild Goose’s Pre-Festival Mystic Action Camp from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on July 7th, preceding the opening ceremonies for the Festival itself. This pre-festival offering is brought to you by co-curators Adam Bucko, Holly Roach and Teresa B Pasquale and the generous sponsorship of the Center for Action and Contemplation. Mystic Action Camp will integrate dialogue and practices which intersect contemplative spirituality and activism brought by wisdom teachers from both Christian and interspiritual traditions.

Our world sits on the precipice of a new age of both spirituality and activism, one in which we are beginning to learn the essential interconnection between these two arenas of hope and healing to manifest activism that is grounded in the Divine and contemplative spirituality which is able to be activated in and for the goodness of God in the world. We are in a process of making and becoming a bigger tent of faith and action. We are the makers of the next iteration of tent revival in the world — a tent we carry with us, manifest in our lives and faith contexts, and where radical love and liberation are the root motivations, liberation for all of us, or none of us at all. Join us under this bigger tent to dream, pray, and live into this new tent of action and contemplation.

Click here for more information about Mystic Action Camp or buy tickets here.Print


Spring Ticket Special

By 2016 Festival, Goose News

The Goose is calling! As Spring is emerging, our thoughts are turning to Hot Springs and summer. Hugs from old friends, making new ones, a little rain, a little humidity, raising a beer as we sing a hymn…..finding something new in our soul!

Spring Ticket Special , March 20 – June 19, 2016
Adult – $249.00
Senior 65+ – $169.00
Student – $125.00
Youth 13-17 – $75.00
Children 0-12 – Free

June 20 – Festival
Adult – $299.00
Senior 65+ – $169.00
Student – $125.00
Youth 13-17 – $75.00
Children 0-12 – Free

Group of 10+
Adult – $169.00
Senior 65+ – $149.00
Student – $99.00
Youth 13-17 – $49.00
Children 0-12 – Free
Contact Mary at for promo code