After Care for After #WildGoose2018

By July 16, 2018 2018 Announcements

What an amazing year at #WildGoose2018, right? So many amazing moments, performances, talks, and relationships made. So many memories that we are all carrying with us back to our communities.

For some, Wild Goose is a place to bring their community for a retreat away from the rest of the world. For others, it’s coming home because where they live isn’t exactly as welcoming, open, or curious as the Goose community. Many of us feel this sense of post-festival blues, the feeling of missing the joy and wonder that comes with being in community of people who welcome you and love you as you are.

So what do we do with that? How do we take care of ourselves and others after the Wild Goose Festival and throughout the year? Here are some ideas:

1. Be real about your feelings.

Yes, you are sad, and that is perfectly okay. Feeling a sense of loss or sadness, a sense of longing to go back is normal. Feel all of it and don’t bottle it up and say that you’re okay when you aren’t. Share those with people around you. Reach out to people from the Goose through texts, phone calls, and social media. Just because you aren’t right next to someone, sweating and singing at Beer & Hymns doesn’t mean you have to lose that connection. That brings us to the next point.

2. Stay connected.

Wild Goose Festival is one time of year. But the spirit of our community is consistently at work throughout the year in various parts of the country doing incredible work. Use social media to follow your new friends and reach out to them. Find out how you can support and get involved with the various organizations and non-profits we had at the festival. And you can sign up for our newsletter so you can be up to speed on all the things Wild Goose! We’ll have a lot of exciting announcements coming up so don’t miss out on that.

3. Share your story.

You probably heard it throughout the festival: stories change the world. And we always want to hear from our community. There’s nothing more exciting hearing about lives being impacted and changed from a Wild Goose experience and we want to hear it. If you’ve got a story from this past year, something new, unique, powerful or even just funny, or maybe photos you’d like to share, send our social media coordinator an email at

4. Plan to come back to #WildGoose2019.

People are already carving out time in their calendar for next year’s festival, and we want you to be there too. Tickets for the Wild Goose Festival 2019, July 11-14, 2019, are already on sale. And there are 150 prefestival tickets that are only $169! Don’t wait. Get your tickets now.¬†

And pro-tip: if you’re a cabin person, reserve your cabin now. Because they are going to go so quickly.

5. Be gentle with yourself and rest.

It was a big weekend, full of amazing moments that we’ll all carry with us. Treasure it. Share it. And know that it is not the last time you’ll be embraced by the spirit of the Wild Goose.

We’ve got some big plans for the coming year, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to speed on things. And again, get your tickets now while they are still super cheap!

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  • Rebecca Page says:

    I have 2 vacant rental houses on my farm where I live just outside of Yanceyville,NC in Caswell Co. I want to rent them to ‘Wild Goose Type’ folks who may be interested in gardening/small scale farming and some form of intentional christian community. Is your newsletter an appropriate place to try to find these people?!

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