Spiral Dynamics & The Intergenerational Church

July 13, 201911:00 am11:50 am
“The mark of a successful church in the twenty-first century is having enough resources to keep everyone separate.” – Rev. Melissa Cooper. An intentional shift toward intergenerational spiritual community is underway. Amid the divisive, dualistic nature of our culture, the time is ripe for dialogue and wisdom-sharing across generations. But how do we have spiritual conversations with children and youth, who come from diverse spiritual backgrounds or from no faith at all, in a way that respects their family‚Äôs journey? How do we do deconstruction with kids? The theory of spiral dynamics has transformed the way I introduce children and youth to spiritual practices, teach religious literacy, and help them to articulate their own faith and theological language, and I believe this theory holds great promise in parenting, education, spiritual communities, and beyond.
12:00 am Caitlin Allyn White