Reclaiming Death in our Families and Communities

July 12, 201911:00 am11:50 am
We have an opportunity and responsibility to engage in conversations related to illness, death, funerals, and grief. Tools are available to help us make meaningful plans for the end of life. Together we will explore options for end of life care at home or in a facility, review living wills and healthcare power of attorney documents, and learn about state laws regarding funeral choices and “green” alternatives, funeral consumer and end of life organizations, and ways to move through grief and loss. Much as a birthing class can give us tools for the emergence of new life into our families, a “deathing” class can empower us to create end of life experiences that enrich our families and communities.
We CAN reclaim death-care as part of the circle of our families and communities.

12:00 am Michele Skeele, EOLD and Home Funeral Guide