(re)Awaken Your Gifts!

July 12, 20194:00 pm4:50 pm
We are all gifted. Our gifts vary. But they all have at least three things in common: 1). They are investments built into our vary being by the Creator. 2). They are uniquely designed for, and designated to, us. We are most fully alive when we are working within our gifting. 3). Our gifts are for the good of all beings.

Scripture has encouraged us to not neglect our gifts and to stir up our gifts.

After a brief introduction, the Community will be invited to gather in small groups to share about their gifts – what they are, any joys or challenges in working with their gifts, etc. This will provide the benefit of people being seen and heard, their gifts recognized and affirmed, and encouraged with fresh energy to do their thing in the world.

12:00 am Shaman Nar (aka Pastor Nar)