Living with Doubt (Like We Have a Choice)

July 12, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
Doubt isn’t sexy, trendy, rebellious or cool. It’s hard, unsettling, and sometimes feels like so much stress and dissonance are hardly worth the effort of keeping up appearances. Sooner or later, and for whatever reason, we all experience constant background noise “Do I really believe any of this?” And yet we’ve been conditioned to ignore our experience, or even shamed into believing that the Creator is disappointed at our performance, and if we just get in line, all will be well. So is that it?! I don’t believe so. Not only is doubt a normal experience throughout history, not only is it part of the biblical tradition, but doubt does something FOR us that nothing else can. Doubt is a gift, a means of grace, that helps us get out of our own way.
12:00 am Pete Enns