Advance Directives: A Spiritual and Practical Approach to Planning Ahead

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July 12, 20194:00 pm5:00 pm
Engage in the spiritual work of thinking through healthcare decisions and end of life planning through a faith lens. What documents are out there to support your goals, values, and beliefs? The conversation can be the most important planning you do, what should you discuss and with whom? The session will include a spiritual and practical approach to health care power of attorney and living wills. Decision-making is best done in advance as we may lose our ability to express our preferences in moments of crisis and chaos. The session is for every single person in our community because every one of us may face unknown decisions and circumstance as we move through life.
12:00 am Cindy Bovee-Kemper

Honoring the Child in the Church

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July 12, 201912:00 pm12:51 pm
Children aren’t just the future of the Church; they are the Church now. Explore: How do we encourage these members of the body? How do we provide a concrete faith for their development when ours is shifting? How do we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in nurturing the child’s creative, redemptive, and communal gifts? Children’s developmental needs are different than an adult’s. This presentation is designed to help parents who are navigating children growing up with parents whose faith is in flux.
12:00 am Elizabeth Vice

Grief Recovery

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July 13, 20196:00 pm7:00 pm
The Grief Recovery circle is an open invitation to anyone who has experienced loss, recent or long ago in any form—death, divorce, disappointments, or significant transitions and change identity, purpose, health, and faith. A space free from advice, comparison, or analysis. Connect with yourself in a deeper way and release pain.

Charles Petee and FolkPsalm

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July 12, 20191:00 pm1:45 pm
Wild Goose favorites open the day for us on main stage. FolkPsalm is a collective of renowned acoustic musicians, performing beautifully arranged instrumentals, featuring sweet harmony vocals. The group now boasts four full length albums.