Organizing the Kingdom: Community Organizing as a Model for Church Planting and Rejuvenation

July 12, 20195:00 pm5:50 pm
What is the goal of the Kingdom of God? Looking at the mission of Jesus it seems that the goal is human flourishing, or Jubilee. Thus, all “missional” activity and church planting should be centered around facilitating and empowering flourishing both of the faith community and the surrounding neighborhoods. By providing three key missiological elements, community organizing offers a parable of what the church can be when the church is at its best and offers hope for the church in a post-Christian culture. In this session, we’ll ask what it means to be “missional,” look at the connection between the Kingdom of God and community organizing, and converse around the implementation of these three principles in your context to both plant new churches and rejuvenate existing ones.
12:00 am Jason Butler