Living Authentically: The Risk, The Cost, The Redemption

July 12, 201910:00 am10:50 am
The decision to live authentically often comes with a hefty price tag.

After the loss of a 23-year marriage, Matt Bays came out as a gay man. As a public figure (worship leader of a conservative mega-church of 7,000+ and nationally published author and speaker) the aftermath of this decision threw his life and career into a tailspin. While his book Finding God in the Ruins: How God Redeems Pain, was still lining the bookshelves of local Barnes and Noble booksellers, his publishers put his book out of print.

As Laura Parrott Perry, author of She Wrote It Down: How A Secret-Keeper Became a Storyteller, stepped fully into the truths of the demise of her marriage, her childhood sexual abuse, and her struggles with addiction, she found the ground constantly shifting under her feet. Friends fell away and the life she had been living became incompatible with her decision to live out loud.

Matt and Laura will discuss how to navigate and survive the grief of massive life change and what it is like to embrace the joy that comes from authentic living.

12:00 am Matt Bays
12:00 am Laura Parrott Perry