Ideas & Action: Faith Communities and the Mental-Health Conversation

July 13, 201912:00 pm12:50 pm
Join us for structured, open conversation about mental health- particularly in the realm of faith communities.We will look at questions, including: what are faith-communities’ role in mental health work and advocacy? How do we provide tangible help to those that seek it? How to get your faith community working on mental-health, emotional well-being, and wellness? This conversation will be dignity and whole-person driven, with examples of how to destigmatize mental illness in the church. Participants will feel empowered to share their empirical wisdom about: unmet needs they see involving mental health in their communities, models of what works, and ideas for helping the “unsolvable”. There will also be a blessing to help center us and lift up all that are dealing with mental health concerns.
12:00 am Rev. Jessica Stokes