Hospitality as Resistance

July 13, 20191:00 pm1:50 pm
In our current political and social climate, opportunities are available to resist empire by welcoming and protecting those who are encountering threat. This session will look at the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and their prophetic heritage of resistance against abusive power, particularly in the theological and ethical imperatives of protective hospitality through the provision of sanctuary.

Through stories of hospitable communities such as Le Chambon (France), Baljvine (Bosnia), as well as the historic and the current Sanctuary Movement in the US, this session will explore protective hospitality as a tool for developing mutual relationships which serve to help build and/or strengthen communal stories of peace, co-existence, and shared life as an antidote to stories of hate, division, and conflict.

This session will be a mix of presentation and facilitated group discussion.

12:00 am Jayme Reaves