Honoring Our Cloud of Witnesses, a practice of Visual Narrative Pastoral Care

July 13, 20193:00 pm3:50 pm
Rev. Darci will lead a group in a process of using the Visual Narrative Pastoral Care Model and we will produce a group mural. This workshop will engage participants in telling their personal and communal stories both narratively and visually through a pastoral care model rooted in the work of Karen Scheib and Shaun McNiff. This process prioritizes personal narrative and experience allowing equal time to speak and listen to each other and to create and show our stories through art making. Participants will use readily available photographic materials to create a group mixed-media art piece together with a focus on process, and will discuss ideas for replicating the experience in other community contexts. This workshop is an opportunity to practice creativity in community and no artistic precision is needed! We will create a group mural using mixed media and an image of a cloud of witnesses. The practice of Visual Narrative Pastoral Care allows us to tell our stories through image, practicing creative healing and respectful listening. The end product will show us our stories woven together, a picture of community.
Rev. Darci will introduce the visual narrative pastoral care model
Key Points: How and why creativity is spiritual. Introduction to narrative pastoral care and healing arts.
Everyone will introduce themselves and speak about the image they chose
Include in your image introduction the color that draws you in and who in your cloud of witnesses is present in the photo.
Art making
Mixed media: We will cut up our images; our minds will complete the image- so be creative!
Painting We will paint on the canvas, which has an abstract image of a cloud- keeping our design abstract
Speaking about our experience of art making we begin reflecting our group narrative through looking at the piece of art and how it came together (i.e. “restorying”)
12:00 am Darci Jaret / Art in the Image