Faithmarks Gallery & Interactive Wall

Faithmarks Tent | All Weekend

Faithmarks is a gallery show that explores the intersect of spirituality and the art of tattoos. It has been seen by more than 15,000 persons continent-wide. Faithmarks has added 20 new images to the show this Spring, including former Wild Goose performers and best-selling authors.

Do you have a faithmark? Stop by to participate in an interactive version of Faithmarks. We will photograph your Faithmark and the photo onsite. You’ll then assign the Wild Goose theme word that most resonates with your ink: Lament. Welcome. Identity. Evolve. Revolution. Love. Over the course of the festival, we’ll build a creative wall of tattoo images, segmented by theme, displayed for all.

Don’t forget to also come by and get a Wild Goose tattoo from award-winning artists Jennifer Edge and Anier Fernandez. Sign-up for tattoos are on a first come, first served basis. @faithmarksphoto

Anna Golladay

Anna thrives on curating creative & entrepreneurial possibility via Work of Place and Faithmarks. She is a United Methodist pastor, a creative ninja, entrepreneurial to the core and sarcastic to a fault. Via Work of Place, she helps urban churches understand how their underutilized facilities can work alongside burgeoning entrepreneurs, often lacking in resource and financing, with the intent of sparking both neighborhood revitalization and an increase in ideators who change their communities. She is also the curator and founder of Faithmarks, a photographic art exhibit that showcases the spiritual stories behind tattoos. With storytelling at the heart of this traveling show, Anna invites our stories to provide the creative foundation for the new Kingdom that is needed, not to bind us to the mold of the one that birthed us. Instagram and Twitter: @unholyhairetic

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