Spirit and Discernment: Quaker Spirituality

Friday, 9:00am | Library

Quakers are known for their commitment to peace and justice and for their contemplative spirituality. This presentation explores Quaker practices of egalitarian openness to divine guidance in group worship and their practices of spiritual discernment.
The facilitator will present some information and brief readings for discussion in small groups and in plenary. The second part of the workshop will be experiential, allowing participants to sample Quaker spiritual practices and to consider their potential usefulness in their own (presumably non-Quaker) lives.

Michael Birkel

Michael Birkel is Professor of Christian Spirituality at Earlham School of Religion and is a frequent speaker and workshop leader in Quaker, ecumenical, and interfaith gatherings. He has written several books, including an introduction to Quaker spirituality (Silence and Witness) and an exploration of the interpretation of the Qur’an among North American Muslims (Qur’an in Conversation).

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