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  • Rev. Meg Wilkes says:

    Amy and Emily….I love you so much. I know you are just human beings. But you are bridges to God for me – so the divine aspect of you and your gift of self to us makes me feel worshipful. Thank you for that. You have made MY life sweeter with your music, your passion, your wisdom. You are theologians and artists and friends. We are all just people; but how good to be connected with God who IS…. to be aware of the sacred, the space….words you use that seek to define the unknown, yet “known”……
    I am very grateful for the nearly 30 years of music and soul and truth you have brought to my life – this year at Wild Goose – I “partied” (sang hard, danced hard, smiled hard, screamed love) with my 15 year old daughter and 23 year old daughter- in- law- to- be, and……wow. The energy, the synergy, the love…..they were fully “there”…… THANK YOU for making me look GOOD! HA!! :))))
    You two are some of my heroes and I adore you……… and honestly, I adore GOD, because of people like you.
    I Love you.
    Rev. Meg

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