Pastor Tim Bupp

I have been a pastor for 20 years and before that I was a Steel Worker for 20 years. I was ordained in the ELCA in 1999 and have served in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. I am currently serving in Columbia, SC at Reformation Lutheran Church. We are a Reconciling In Christ congregation which in the ELCA means we are open and accepting to all. Our congregation is made up of about 60% LGBTQ+ individuals. I have preached social justice since I was ordained. My “call” sermon was on the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts, and I went there, I preached social justice for LGBTQ individuals and that crazy congregation called me!

I have watched various denominations struggle with the question about the church and LGBTQ individuals and realized we keep tripping over our religiosity. We keep setting up religious parameters that seem more focused on keeping people out, than sharing the good news of grace. I have been studying Bonhoeffer’s Ethics and Letters From Prison for years, and I believe his theory of “Religionless Christianity” can get us past all that. It’s time for the church to stop being a religious judge, and become a faithful lover of all.

July 12, 2019 3:00 pm Faithful Christianity, Beyond Religion