Michael Mangis

Dr. Michael Mangis retired after 27 years as Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College
Graduate School where he taught courses on psychodynamic psychology, spiritual direction
and psychotherapy, and professional ethics. He is the author of Signature Sins: Taming Our
Wayward Hearts (IVP 2008) as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles. While at
Wheaton, Dr. Mangis founded the Center for Rural Psychology and its training clinic, Heartland
Counseling, where he served as Executive Director and did clinical practice. Heartland
Counseling trained over 45 graduate students in unique methods of rural psychology. Its
graduates currently serve in Tennessee, Illinois, Alaska, Kansas, New Mexico, Iowa, Texas,
Michigan. The Center for Rural Psychology folded in 2011 as a result of disability brought on
by Dr. Mangis’ severe stroke in 2008.
July 13, 2019 2:00 pm Same God (Panel)