Laura Norton

Laura Norton is an artist/calligrapher and justice seeker who believes in the power of the handwritten word—infused by the breath and heartbeat of the writer–to bring about a new, more just reality. She is on the art faculty at Grunewald Guild and Holden Village in the Pacific Northwest, teaching such classes as “Justice Journals” and “Calligraphy on Silk.” For churches throughout the U.S. and Canada she creates weekly calligraphic designs for worship. At her Lutheran church Laura serves as chair of the Justice Seekers committee, focusing on anti-racism and other justice issues and recently participated in the Poor People’s Campaign and Reclaiming Jesus events in Washington, DC. From protest signs and banners to professional commissions, Laura works with a wide variety of media to add visually expressive words to paper, silk, windows and walls, with recent projects including calligraphy on school buses and a mural in downtown Bellingham, WA.
July 12, 2019 3:00 pm Label Resistance – Tying Silk and Story