Great Father Whale

We are a dreamy folk trio hailing from Raleigh, NC. As a band we’re dedicated to honest introspection and self expression through meaningful lyrics, crisp sometimes haunting harmonies to create moving music. ​Charlie Craichy, lead writer, guitarist and vocalist started the band as a solo project in 2015 is an effort to process grief and emotional trauma, the band has since transformed with the addition of Bev Hartgrove(vocals) and Tess Mygatt(vocals/violin). Now, we still sing true, authentic songs – but with a flavor of hope, love, redemption.

A note from Charlie Craichy:
​I’m searching for adventure. In an effort to discover more of myself, and figure out how I fit into this beautiful, massive, messy world, I am headed on a trip. A sort of Everywhere Adventure. I know it will take me to Oregon and Alaska, but I won’t be traveling in a straight line. ​I invite you to join me on my adventure. As I head out into the Great Unknown, living out of my Honda Element, I will also be bringing my guitar and my portable recording studio to record wherever I feel called to. ​I will also be blogging here regularly to update you on what I find both in myself and out in the world and share with you songs as I write them and their origins. ​ ​Thank you for your loving support!

July 12, 2019 4:00 pm Great Father Whale