Bruce Garner

Born raised and educated in Atlanta GA and earned a BS degree from Emory University. I left the theological tyranny of the Southern Baptist Convention as a teen and found The Episcopal Church. The last few decades of my life have been involved in working for the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in The Episcopal Church at all levels from the parish to the national. I have served as the National President of Integrity the witness of The Episcopal Church to the LGBTQ+ community and vice versa. I have represented my diocese at the triennial General Convention of the church where legislation takes place that enshrines inclusion in the canon laws of the church. Chairing boards and commissions related to LGBTQ+ issues has been a major part of my life. My work resulted in my being awarded an honorary doctorate from Berkeley Divinity School of Yale University.
July 12, 2019 1:00 pm Closet to the convention floor: The journey and struggle for LGBTQ+ inclusion from the inside The Episcopal Church