Brie Stoner
Brie Stoner is a musician, writer, and a recent graduate of the Living School for Action and Contemplation. Besides contributing to Ilia Delio’s recent book Personal Transformation and a New Creation (Orbis), Brie regularly contributes to the Center for Spiritual Resources and Contemplative Wisdom blog, and her music work includes published records as well as the production and composition of the soundtracks for the NOOMA series featuring Rob Bell. She is the mother of two young boys and lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Creative Block: How identification impedes evolution
Brie Stoner (writer, musician, mother) presents “The Creative Block: how identification impedes evolution.” In this presentation Brie will explore the concept of “Identification” as taught by G.I. Gurdjieff and the evolutionary theology of french mystic Teilhard de Chardin to tackle the following questions: how do our stories sometimes block our potential? how does contemplation aid in creating the flexibility of our own becoming? Identification is the spiritual expression of our unconscious prejudices and attachments. This critical understanding of how our inner narratives create our outer reality will help us explore the role of story in evolving beyond our biases, and encourage a compassionate opening toward each “other” as an extension of our very selves. If you have ever felt yourself “stuck” in life, creativity, or spirituality, please join us as we discover how mystical theology and contemplation allow us to live into the abundant life we were created for. (Note, this site will be live May 1st)