Improv Shaman – The power of Divine Play

Fri 11 AM | Healing Arts

Keli Semelsberger

Improv Shaman is a high energy interactive workshop using improv techniques to demonstrate the healing powers of cooperative creating, being in the moment, laughter and taking ourselves and other less seriously. Taught by 24 year improv comedy veteran and Shaman. A fun, light hearted and yet deep workshop that will leave participants happily inspired.

Keli Semelsberger

Keli is a 25 year Chicago improv comedy veteran and owner of Charlotte Comedy Theater She is also a medicine woman trained in Native American & Peruvian rites & ceremonies. Keli is the Chief of Medicine Woman Dance, and a sacred fire keeper. Keli’s workshops infuse the fun of improv comedy with the healing properties of native energy medicine to provide an inspired, exciting and healing workshop that connects us to each other and reminds us of the sacred power of laughter and play.

84 Improv Shaman

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