The Spiritual Price Of Confederate Symbolism

Sat 11 AM | Portal

Tony Caldwell, LCSW

Ole Miss college professor and activist Tony Caldwell leads a conversation about how our experiences of Confederate symbolism impact our psyches as well as our trajectories. Caldwell starts with his own story of how the view from his window as a child, a segregated cemetery with a Confederate monument as it’s centerpiece, set the tone for a life dedicated to addressing issues at the intersection of race and poverty in the the rural South. The psychological, emotional, and spiritual consequences of Confederate symbolism, though often unconscious and/or unacknowledged, continue to haunt the Southern landscape as well as our internal landscapes, individually and collectively.

Tony Caldwell

Tony Caldwell is a Professor of Social Work at the University of Mississippi, a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice, an activist, and a member of the Red Letter Christian Network. Tony has partnered with The Human Rights Campaign, the W.W. Kellogg Foundation, The William Winter Institute For Racial Reconciliation, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Levi Strauss Co., and the Toyota Corporation among others. He and his colleague, Dr. Jandel Crutchfield, have enjoyed success in their grassroots Together Projects promoting interracial and interfaith dialogue around issues of race, privilege, and justice across the state of Mississippi. He is currently leading The Underground Church, a reconciling faith community, in Oxford, Ms. and conducting research linking the nation’s poorest health outcomes in the Mississippi Delta to transgenerational trauma related to slavery, segregation, poverty, and marginalization. Tony writes frequently for RLC and many other publications. See more at:

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