M-bodied Beauty: Beyond Media’s Portrayal – A Body Image Workshop

Sat 3 PM | Portal

Rev. Sarah Renfro

We are bombarded with 3000 messages a day, which promote an unrealistic “ideal beauty,” and sell us products to lose weight, gain muscle, and change our appearance. Rev. Sarah Renfro was an international fashion model but struggled with eating disorders and negative body image. She was constantly told she was not good enough just as she was. As children of God, made in God’s image with the imprint of the Divine in our DNA, we must counter media’s messages and connect to the Divine-within. As an ordained minister, Sarah seeks to help dispel the myths of media and “ideal beauty” and empower participants to claim their diverse and wonderful beauty given by God. For her interactive presentation, participants cut pictures out of magazines, process the findings, view a presentation of Sarah’s story from artsy-athlete to miserable model to mission-oriented minister. We look at scriptures that promote a positive body image and end with shouting in a mirror, “I am a beautiful child of God!”

Sarah Renfro

Born and raised in Lexington, KY, Rev. Sarah Renfro modeled professionally around the world for 7 years. After struggling with body image issues, disordered eating, and depression, she retired and returned to graduate from the University of Kentucky. Sarah attended Lexington Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2010. She’s been married to Rev. Kyle Brown since 2009, mom to Miriam since 2011, and one of the ministers at Geist Christian Church in Fishers, IN since 2015. Sarah is privileged to share her unique experiences of fashion and faith, modeling and ministry with youth, women’s groups, and cross-denominational gatherings from California to Mississippi to North Carolina. Sarah also has a book under contract with Chalice Press. She bleeds blue for the Kentucky Wildcats, loves dance parties with her girl, likes to eat and drink around town, and does crosswords to unwind.

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