Dialogue This!

Fri 11 AM | Convo Hall 7
Sat 1 PM | Convo Hall 7

John H Pomeroy

Presenter will introduce a simple dialogue process with structured listening and speaking, and invite participants to use the format to share with one another on a topic that is pressing for their community – after 20 minutes of sharing, participants will close with a simple reflection on how they experienced the process and where it could be used in their life/work/ministry.Kaleidoscope Institute

John H Pomeroy

John is a Regional Director and Associate with the Kaleidoscope Institute, a consulting group that works with schools, churches, not for profits and other organizations to use dialogue tools to facilitate building relationships for community action, ministry, and collective healing. John works as a UCC pastor, teaches at Claremont School of Theology and lives with his wife and two dogs in Los Angeles, CA.

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