Discernment: The Art of Really Living Your Faith

Fri 1 PM | Portal

J. Marshall Jenkins

Do you come to the Wild Goose Festival at a crossroad on your journey? Each direction you turn may look like the right way sometimes and the wrong way others depending on how the light shines and the shadows fall. In addition to courage, you need discernment. More than calculated decision-making, discernment emerges from your true self. More than futuristic speculation, discernment attends mindfully in the present. More than prudence, discernment loves. Participants will learn spiritual practices that support discernment and share stories of Spirit-led moments to validate and support each other on the road.

Marshall Jenkins

J. Marshall Jenkins, Ph.D., is a writer, counseling psychologist, and spiritual director. Through his listening ministry, Marshall strives to facilitate discernment, graced healing, and everyday spirituality. His writing ministry carries that work forward through his Beatitudes Blog (www.jmarshalljenkins.com) and his books, including his most recent one, Blessed at the Broken Places: Reclaiming Faith & Purpose with the Beatitudes (Skylight Paths, 2016). He received certificates in spiritual formation at Columbia Theological Seminary and in spiritual guidance at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. Since 1987, he has served as Director of Counseling at Berry College and conducted an evening private practice in psychotherapy and spiritual direction in Rome, Georgia, where he lives with his lovely wife, Wanda Cantrell.

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