Reconciliation Yoga: Align Mind Body and Soul with an all-levels body prayer.

Fri 8 AM | Landing

Smiling Heart Yoga

Join Anita Grace Brown of Smilingheartyoga for an all-levels experience of freedom from the mind’s trappings. Enter the story of the body and allow healing to unfold in the newly created spaciousness. Holy Spirit flows in with healing power as we move and breathe in community honoring our sacred, rejected pieces. We welcome our wholeness to be restored in order to serve our broken world.Live musical accompaniment with Thom Buchanan

Anita Brown

Anita Grace Brown live in NJ with her husband and golden retriever, Sierra while her children are off balancing work hard/party hard at Syracuse U. As a yoga teacher she’s quite proud of this work life harmony they are already exhibiting!! A few months ago Anita birthed her Jesus Yoga podcast “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere!” and has been excited to share embodiment and breath tools in her home church as well. She’s honored to be back offering all-levels morning body prayer at WG for the 4th consecutive year! You can also find her at this year’s healing arts tent assisting with trauma sensitive offerings and a place to find deep rest and release from stress. She’s been healed of decades of chronic PMDD and IBS among other lesser ailments thanks to the pranic balancing that comes with her unique East meets West practices.
It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere Podcast

54 Reconciliation Yoga: A Fresh approach to body prayer
149 Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Thom Buchanan

Thom started playing the guitar at the age of 12, and has been honored to back-up artists such as Jeff Fenholt, Phil Driscoll, Darlene Zschech, Joe & Becky Cruse, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, Kent Henry, legendary studio guitarist Mike Deasy, Georgian Banov, JoAnn McFatter, Don Potter, Suzy Wills-Yaraei and Roy Fields, to notably name a fewHe has musically supported ministries such as: TL Osborne, Reinhard Bonnke, Rodney Howard-Browne, Lou Engle, Jerry Brandt and Jerry Saville.

He is the founder of the bands SonsUVthundr, Thom Buchanan Band and (Band dú Soleil – currently). He’s been joined by his life-long friend and bandmate, Juma Sultan (percussionist for Jimi Hendrix), in all three of these bands. He has played on hundreds of other’s albums and has released three LP’s of his own: “”Living On Borrowed Time””, “”Beautiful”” & “”Christmas Revisited.” He is a New York native and is, currently, making his home in High Point, NC, with his wife Caroline and their children.

54 Reconciliation Yoga: A Fresh approach to body prayer

Session #54