Dreams as a Wisdom Path

Fri 4 PM | Convo Hall 3
Sat 5 PM | Convo Hall 3

Darby Christopher

We will start this session with a brief discussion of how our night time dreams can serve as a wisdom path in our lives, laying the groundwork for this possibility, with an eye on how religions across time have valued or not valued dreams. Then we will pick a dream out of a hat to work with, using the “projective dream group” method developed by Jeremy Taylor and others. If you would like to put a dream in the hat to possibly be chosen, please bring a dream to share.

Darby Christopher

Darby Christopher is an ordained Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC and is a licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW). She gives talks and leads workshops on dreams, and has a passion for prison reform and reading the comics. Learn more about her at www.revdarbychristopher.com.

52 Dreams as a Wisdom Path

Session #52