Religious Cults Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Detect Them & How to Break Free

Ashley Easter

Fri Noon | Convo Hall 1
When you think of the term “cult,” your mind may flash to walled compounds, poisoned Kool-aid, or secret societies. While these types of cults exist, the truth is that other, less obvious, high control groups are far more common. Cults drain bank accounts, destroy families, entrap members, and cause them to do things they wouldn’t have considered before through manipulative mind-control and fear tactics. There are an estimated 5,000 cults in the US alone. Many of these groups go undetected, attracting members with promises of world-changing purpose and spiritual enlightenment. Once a person dives deeper into the cult, they may begin to see things are not quite right. But how do they break free? With a mix of storytelling and fact gathering, find out how to identify cults, discover who is susceptible, and how to help yourself or others break free.

Ashley Easter

Ashley Easter is an author, speaker, and abuse-victim advocate who educates churches and secular communities on abuse, safe practices, and effective resources.
At 22 she freed herself from a religious group that systematically devalued women.
Now she works to liberate other victims of abuse from toxic theology and encourage them along their journey back to wholeness.
Ashley founded The Courage Conference, a survivor-centered movement focused on self-healing, to empower victims to discover their courage and reclaim their freedom through connection, learning, and advocacy. She is the author of The Courage Coach: A Practical, Friendly Guide on How to Heal From Abuse and Cults: Hidden in Plain Sight.
Twitter: @ashleymeaster Facebook: /ashleymeaster

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