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Hosted by Jesse DeConto

AcoustaGoose is a late night “unplugged” jam session with an anchor host band each night. Bring your instrument – bring your voice – bring your curiosity – and enjoy beautiful and exciting music. AcoustaGoose is curated by Jesse DeConto of Pinkerton Raid.

The Pinkerton Raid

Near the start of The Pinkerton Raid’s newest album, Jesse DeConto asks, “Where’s the star to lead us home?” The answer, in a cycle of realistic truth-telling and undeterred hope, is simply this: We sing together.

Inspired by the first Wild Goose, Jesse and band members have been leading Beer & Hymns back at Fullsteam in Durham, North Carolina, gravitating toward songs that have soundtracked social movements since the 1940s. WHERE THE WILDEST SPIRITS FLY captured that energy with a sing-along choir, earning high praise from THE ALTERNATE ROOT, MOTHER CHURCH PEW and more. CHARLESTON CITY PAPER dubbed it “love-one-another songs.”

The Pinkerton Raid has shared stages with The Collection, Annabelle’s Curse, Forlorn Strangers, Lowland Hum, Noah Gundersen, and Denison Witmer. 2017’s TOLERANCE ENDS, LOVE BEGINS brought the band from Durham to Chicago to Washington D.C., with festival slots, a DAYTROTTER session, and critical acclaim from PASTE, NO DEPRESSION and more.

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