Does God require suffering for civilization to sustain to 2100?

Sat 4 PM | Convo Hall 8

Joseph Carson

Shelves of books address theodicy – how can an all-good and all-powerful God allow evil and suffering? This discussion will address whether the created moral order requires “suffering persecution for justice’s sake” as necessary to non-violently confront institutional evil, such as corporation or government agency law-breaking. We will consider whether God’s ultimate gamble in creating humanity “in his image” is whether enough “image-bearers” would exhibit supererogatory love of neighbor – where “neighbor” could half-way around the world or 100 years in future – to engage in the self-sacrificing action of whistleblowing (instead of bystanding out of self-love) to institutional evil they witness in their employment. Jesus commended and modeled – but does not command – supererogatory love of neighbor in non-violently confronting institutional evil. So why do Christian religious professionals today bystand to established legal records of corporation or government agency law-breaking?

Joseph Carson

Joseph P. Carson, PE, is a nuclear safety engineer in the US Department of Energy and a “multiple-time prevailing whistleblower” – he is a deeply concerned Christian, engineer, federal agency employee, American, and human. In a real sense, Joe has been a human sacrifice to “the gods” of the “suicide machine” that our unprecedented global civilization increasing resembles – one’s professional standing and economic security – via his decades of much “suffering persecution for justice’s sake” in confronting, non-violently, civilization-threatening institution evil in his profession of engineering and the federal civil service.

407 Does God Require Suffering?

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