To Be Seen; To Be Loved: A liturgy for the rest of us. (Communion)

Sat 11 PM | Chapel

Cody Burton

The kingdom of God is for all people, but too often many of us have felt left out, overlook, abandoned, or forgotten by the church. This liturgy and invitation to communion is for anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit.

Cody Burton

Operations and Programming Support
Born and raised in North Florida, Cody is a passionate advocate for social justice and full inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community within the Church. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado where he is an active member of House For All Sinners and Saints. In 2016 he helped launch and currently runs the website where he is a self-proclaimed wannabe blogger and Co-host of the Intersections Podcast. Cody has also assisted in starting Beer & Hymns Jax as well as The Intersections Festival. Cody started as a part of the Wild Goose Festival staff this year handling logistics and operations and looks forward to seeing the festival and the Wild Goose Community continue to grow.

406 A Liturgy for the rest of us (Communion)
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