On the Wings of the Wild Goose: Awakening to Divine Union

Fri 5 PM | Convo Hall 6
Sat 3 PM | Convo Hall 8

Kristie Ihde

Ancient Scriptures put forth lofty ideas about how to live: Do justly, walk humbly, love mercy. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. Pray without ceasing. If we’re honest, most of the time our lives don’t reflect the call of these ideals. Underneath a shiny veneer, many people are struggling. What the Church or God seems to expect of us is a far cry from who we experience ourselves to be. So do we pray harder, serve more, flog ourselves spiritually? What if the pressure we live under isn’t the full life Jesus longs for us to have? Through story, teaching, and meditation, I’ll introduce you to a path based in self-compassion and curiosity that liberates us to live a life of mercy, kindness, prayer, “perfection”, and love, and that reveals what we most long for – Divine union. Let’s follow the Wild Goose on the best adventure we’ll ever take!

Kristie Ihde

Kristie is a practical mystic, teacher of psychological and spiritual wisdom, and lover of homemade kombucha! As a soul sherpa for self-aware, spiritual folks who feel stuck in the same old patterns of doubting their intuition and judging themselves, she leads people into their internal worlds to experience their true selves, union with Divine love, and ever-expanding freedom. She often works with people who wrestle with the Church’s dogma and the stories of the Bible, or feel an inner nudge to follow the Spirit into the spiritual wilds! When she’s not writing, vlogging, or leading workshops, she’s a homeschooling mama who follows desire and intuition wherever they lead. You’ll find her enjoying nature, marveling at her kids as they do their thing, or being amazed that, yet again, a children’s book led her right into the heart of the Great Spirit! You can join her community at www.theselfwardjourney.com.

397 Awakening to Divine Union

Session #397