Showing Up, Listening Deeply

Sat Noon | Greater Things

Ana Hernandez

Showing Up, Listening Deeply – What possibilities might open for the human collective if we learn to enter into conversations with a posture of Generative Listening? How to nurture internal quiet and be fully present to one another? Using music as a metaphor to listen and sing our way into Beloved Community, finding places of comfort and repose, and places where we’re not comfortable at all. Join me; let’s practice navigating into the possibilities together. Warning: You may have epiphanies in the context of group learning, and transformation and fun are highly likely to occur.


Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez is a song leader, recording artist, author and workshop facilitator. She teaches chanting as a spiritual practice and songs for street actions, while delighting in the ability of sound to revitalize prayer, open our hearts, and build engaged and playful communities. Ana loves collaboration and the endless possibilities that arise when we listen deeply, invite, and encourage the contributions of absolutely everyone. She knows there’s a leader in every chair. Every. One.

Music Revolution Pre-Festival Event
334 Generative Listening

Session #334