Effective Altruism – how can rationalists, atheists, sceptics & christians work together to Do Good Better?

Fri 2 PM | Convo Hall 7
Sat Noon | Convo Hall 7

David Allis

A Convo Hall discussion about Effective Altruism – a philosophy & rapidly growing social movement, led by philosophers like Peter Singer (The Life You Can Save) & Will MacAskill (Doing Good Better).EA applies evidence & reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world – especially in areas of poverty, animal cruelty & extreme risk. It is popular amongst young educated students & professionals, who self-identify as rationalist, atheist & sceptic. This is a great ‘space’ for Christians to be involved – working alongside people who want to make the world a better place, but have no spiritual worldview. Yet there are few EA Christians. Why?Join this discussion about the concepts and actions of EA; the synergy & tension between EA & following Jesus; what EA might teach Christians about loving their neighbour & animal cruelty; what Christians might contribute to EA; and how together we might Do Good Better.

David Allis

All the way from New Zealand for his 3rd Wild Goose, David is an ex-pastor, ex-missionary, ex-Bible-College-Principal, & now entrepreneurial kiwi businessman & justice innovator.

Straight, married-with-6-kids, middle-aged, white male – and still wanting to change the world. Passionately active with Effective Altruism and trying to stir up the NZ church for inclusion, social justice, anti-materialism & commitment to fighting poverty.

283 Effective Altruism – Doing Good Better

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