Sex and Intimate Justice: Exploring Narratives of Patriarchy, Female Sexuality, and Messages in the Church

Fri 1 PM | Convo Hall 1
Sat 3 PM | Convo Hall 1

Dr. Emily Stone

There is a hidden and not so hidden curriculum throughout spiritual formation in the church, particularly the Evangelical church, that teaches both males and females about power, gender, and expectations for sex. What are some of these messages? How are they the same and different from societal messages? How do these lessons in power, gender, and sex influence males, females, and relationships over time? Dr. Stone will engage participants in a dialogue on this subject as well as make room for them to share their insight, examples, and stories.

Emily Stone

A little bit of a gypsy and a little bit of a machine, Dr. Emily Stone is a question lover. She looks for gratitude, grace, hope, and tenderness in everyday adventure, details, and relationships. She is a professor at Pfeiffer University for their graduate program in marriage and family therapy and also runs a private practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her areas of interest include trauma, sexual identity, spirituality, transition, grief, anger, depression, and anxiety as well as work with couples and families around relationship conflict and transition. Emily loves long walks, eating outside, talks over wine or coffee, and pretty much anything outside. She can be found online on Instagram @hopeandhealingmft, on twitter @emilyelizabeth1 or @hopeandhealingmft, and on Facebook at For Hope and Healing. Her podcast Unstuck, focuses on any and all issues where we tend to get “stuck” in life and can be found on any podcast platform.

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