Brew Theology Podcast

Sat 5:30 PM | GooseCast
Brew Theology exists to brew theology and create communities through healthy, meaningful and eclectic dialogue in pubs. Our BT podcast is a microcosm of what our interfaith community does in the pub each week. Join us LIVE, and we’ll invite a few people from the audience to join us for a fun theological topic!

Ryan Miller

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998, and has worked as a Youth & Family Pastor, Campus Pastor, Missionary, Church Planter & Brew Theologian. Ryan is the founder and Co-Director of Brew Theology. He currently serves as the Director of Denver Brew Theology. Ryan is a licensed minister, seminary graduate and enjoys quality craft beer, and meaningful conversation within genuine community. He’s also an avid San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys & Texas Longhorns faniac! Ryan and his wife, Lauren, along with their two daughters live in the greatest ‘hood in the US of A – Platt Park! To learn more about Ryan, head over to

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218 Brew theology. Create community through healthy, meaningful & eclectic dialogue!

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