Silent Space

Sat 5 PM | Chapel

Karol Eubanks Vellines, MSW

My family debriefed about last year’s Wild Goose for weeks. The thing that continued to rise for us was the need for silence. If the need for silence was a big need for my family of extroverts, I knew more people had the same need. Silent Space will meet that need. Come join me as we are gently moved into silence space where you are free to be silent in any manner you need: meditation, journaling, silently listening to music through earbuds, napping or something silent you dream of. We will covenant to keep silent and you will leave renewed.

Karol Eubanks Vellines

Karol Eubanks Vellines is a social worker, social justice organizer and minister living in Atlanta, GA. She uses her MSW skills to work with families adopting and fostering children living with trauma, to organizing work with Children’s Defense Fund, Stop School Shootings Now: National Walkout and to end the child sex trade in Atlanta, and as a minster on staff in churches, most recently Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. Karol is an avid knitter, cook, and extrovert. She is here with her guys, husband Steve and son Sam who are camping and daughter Annabette who is glamping with Karol. She designed her workshop to be a gift to Goosers who need a quiet place to just be.


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