Racial Reconciliation: A Primer for White Christians

Sat 4 PM | River

Joseph Caldwell

Together we will identify some of the challenges that white Christians have in understanding the nuances of race in America. We hope to challenge biases on both ends of the political spectrum about reconciliation, activism, interracial relationships and other issues surfaced by the group. The co-creator of this session is a white male who has spent the last 23 years in an interracial marriage and hopes to recreate in the session what has been a blessing in his marriage; Principally the experience of being able to ask dangerous questions in safe spaces.

Joseph Caldwell

Dr. Joseph Caldwell is the President of the Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies. MCUTS provides accredited associate and bachelor degrees in theology and human services to largely lower income and minority students with the purpose of empowering students to work through the church to transform Memphis’ most impoverished communities. This year Joe chaired the Memphis Teach In an MLK50 Commemoration event in partnership with the National Civil Rights Museum. This event brought together 350 scholars and students from across the nation to discuss the question of the church and civil rights.

190 Racial Reconciliation

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