Words of Blessing (Your Secret Super Power)

Sat 11 AM | Healing Arts

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby

Speaking words of blessing is an act of faith and an act of protest. Whether you are laying on hands in prayer, speaking a much-needed word of encouragement, or declaring God’s approval of an ostracized community, words of blessing are powerful and transformative. Jordan Bowman and Katie Jo Suddaby will share their experiences with hands-on prayer and lead the community in a ceremony of mutual blessing, using colorful holi powders. Similar to how Christians use anointing oil, holi powders are used by Buddhists and Hindus in India and Nepal to anoint the head in prayer. Come experience a joyful ceremony full of life and color to renew your spirit.

Katie Jo Suddaby

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is a freelance pastor, ordained with the American Baptist Churches USA. Short, spunky, and straight forward; she is a sought after speaker and artist. The art-form that captured her heart is Tibetan Sand Painting. Katie Jo is one of the few Westerners who practice this ancient, delicate art. Since 2012, she has designed and performed over 40 original mandalas for festivals and retreats across the country. She has received training from Tibetan Buddhist monks in the US and Nepal. Katie Jo loves to fuse Buddhist art and Christian texts to teach self-care, art as a spiritual expression, and the value of religious diversity. When not roaming around providing pastoral services, she can be found running a food pantry in Rochester, NY, watching Star Trek, walking her dog (Bernie Sanders), and singing show tunes. www.sandbykatiejo.com

184 Blessing 101
291 Medicine Wheel Mandala

Jordan Bowman

Jordan has been coming to Wild Goose since 2011. He has volunteered for many years and now is serving as a contributor. Jordan also contributes to Goose and many other gatherings by serving with Desanka. A passion for loving and for being love to strangers all over the world coupled with a deep respect for the teachings of Jesus led him to Desanka and he jumped right in. When it isn’t festival season, Jordan splits his time between perusing a Business degree from NC state University and leading a boys mentoring organization in the Raleigh area called Journeymen Triangle. Jordan aspires to do many things during his short time here on this Earth. He plans to use his degree and life experiences to assist in the spiritual revolution, this time of global conscious awakening that we are living through and can be a part of.

184 Blessing 101

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