Nourishing Community by Eating Together Faithfully

Fri 1 PM | Convo Hall 4
Sat 3 PM | Convo Hall 4

Stephanie Campbell

What does it mean to eat daily bread as disciples of Jesus Christ? What does the way the church eats and invites others to eat say about the God we worship? Where is the church in the sound bites we hear almost daily about food insecurity, hunger, chronic illness, and the growing burden current food production methods are putting on our planet? What does the character of God say to us about how we are called to be faithful eaters? We will talk together about these questions and learn about a new resource, Eating Together Faithfully, which invites people to nourish community by gathering around the table, exploring these questions together, and delighting with God in the created world.

Stephanie Campbell

After thirty years in ministry with children and families in suburban South Florida, Stephanie Campbell and her husband, John, moved to North Carolina in order to become farmers and live out their conviction that discipleship is deeply grounded in the care of the earth. Together they are regenerating the land, feeding their neighbors, and nurturing community through their sustainable family farm. Stephanie also serves at Life Around the Table, a ministry fostering robust conversation and practices in faithful eating, Sabbath rest, and the connections between the Lord’s Table and our own tables.

180 Eating Together Faithfully

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