Brew Theology

Sat 2 PM | Landing

Ryan-Miller & Janel Apps Ramsey

Wanna Brew Theology? Do you like wrestling with meaningful questions over theological topics? Brew Theology is an alliance of diverse communities across the country filled with a mosaic of amazing people across the religious-spiritual spectrum. We hold organized weekly conversations at local breweries. This is interactive – we’ll bring the content & questions. You’ll brew up a zesty topic, and experience the range in diversity from Christianity to Atheism, Buddhism to Judaism – kicking around a rich conversation pertaining to science, philosophy, sex, gender, race, politics, socio-economic and justice-centric issues. Brew Theology is open and honest. Even in our disagreements and differing beliefs, we cultivate a safe, interfaith community that values one another. We find common ground in our shared humanity and are strangely yet remarkably unified by simply being together. We affirm all people. Everyone’s voice matters – just don’t be a jerk! Pull up a seat at the table, and get ready to brew.

Ryan Miller

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998, and has worked as a Youth & Family Pastor, Campus Pastor, Missionary, Church Planter & Brew Theologian. Ryan is the founder and Co-Director of Brew Theology. He currently serves as the Director of Denver Brew Theology. Ryan is a licensed minister, seminary graduate and enjoys quality craft beer, and meaningful conversation within genuine community. He’s also an avid San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys & Texas Longhorns faniac! Ryan and his wife, Lauren, along with their two daughters live in the greatest ‘hood in the US of A – Platt Park! To learn more about Ryan, head over to

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Janel Apps Ramsey

Janel Apps Ramsey is the Co-Director of Brew Theology (please come see us at our booth). She is the lead editor of Women Experiencing Faith with Dr. Thomas J. Oord, and holds an MA in Theological Studies. Raised in a conservative evangelical tradition, she now considers herself a progressive Christian. She leads interfaith discussions and participates in a weekly podcast. She also has a small house church of people in faith transition. Janel has served in ministry for 20 years and is learning how to do ministry outside of traditional structures. Janel is married, lives in Denver, CO, and loved participating in WGF last year. You can see more of her work at,, and

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