Vibrating Godness and the Walking Wounded

Fri Noon | Convo Hall 3
Sat 11 AM | Convo Hall 3

Katie Kinnison

What if Paradise is right here and our wounds are keeping us from it? Forget talk of sin. Forget judgment. Here is Original Grace and compassion for the traumatized. I will use story to show how bringing compassion to personal wounds can transform our understanding of cultural powers and principalities that crush bodies and souls. Entering the story of my parents’ wounds with our minds sharp and our hearts tender, we can use the insights gained there to better understand our ongoing racial tragedies and the deep pain we can and must heal. You see, the political is personal. We bring our personhood into the political space. Collectively, and as individuals, we bring our wounds into public discourse, into policy making, into our “rational” commitments and explanations. We can bring healing there, too, with the Spirit of God vibrating within and animating us all.

Katie Kinnison

Katie Kinnison started dancing with God at the age of six while waiting at the school bus stop. She has spent her life training in words, giving them breath, incarnating them. Teaching for forty years in one capacity or another, Katie is now a Teaching Elder (pastor) at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Columbus Ohio. The overflowing abundance of her life includes reveling in three glorious daughters and spiritually supporting Judge Herbert’s CATCH program for survivors of human trafficking. Her first book, with the working title of Vibrating Godness and the Walking Wounded, is almost finished, and you can check out her blogs and podcasts at her new website (May 2018) at

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