Some Time Apart for Burned Out Teachers, Preachers & Activist Creatures

Fri Noon | Convo Hall 7
Sat 10 AM | Convo Hall 7

Julie McElmurry and Rev. Amy Vaughan

Enjoy tea and oranges and relax with us awhile. We’ll let the words of Thomas Merton, from his short writing “Letter to a Young Activist” encourage us to be liberated from being results-driven, to realize our work is not our identity and that we can “be less crushed” by the good work we do in our lives. Amy and Julie will guide us through a short, outdoor quiet time to reflect on Merton’s words and to be refreshed and rejuvenated. We’ll leave this special time together with new ideas about ourselves as teachers, preachers and activist creatures.

Julie McElmurry

Having led retreats and workshops in Spanish and English since 2010, Julie also makes documentaries about women religious (a.k.a. nuns), directs The Charlotte Film School and loves connecting people with each other. Encountering burnout sensitized her to the need for many to take some time apart from daily life to rest, reflect and reevaluate.

155 Some Time Apart

Amy Vaughan

Poet, advocate, and ordained minister, Amy uses art and poetry, to combat burnout and stress from life transitions. She leads workshops on creativity as renewal. Previously director of an arts program for adults with intellectual disabilities, she authored a poetry collection, 40 Days of Grief and Lament and presented at Wild Goose 2016 & 2017.

155 Some Time Apart for Burned Out Teachers, Preachers & Activist Creatures

Session #155