Immigrant Detention Stories: Personal Stories from Immigrant Prisons

Sat 10 AM | Episcopal

Leeann Culbreath

Immigrant communities are in crisis mode amid record-high arrests, detentions, and deportations. Almost a half-million immigrants and asylum seekers are detained annually in the U.S. in for-profit prisons rife with human rights abuses. Hear stories of immigrants imprisoned in Georgia (performed in reader’s theater style), learn about mass detention, and find out how to support detained persons and their loved ones. We’ll finish by making cards to send to detained persons.Leeann Culbreath is an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church and Co-Chair of the South Georgia Immigrant Support Network (SGISN), a grassroots group based in south-central Georgia. SGISN supports detained immigrants and their loved ones through hospitality, friendship, and advocacy. They recently opened Casa Colibri, a hospitality house near Irwin County Detention Center. She is also developing immigrant detention ministry in her diocese and in the wider church.

Session #148