What’s Your Story?

A session on why knowing your own storyline has the power to change the world, and is just what we need in today’s social climate.

Sarah Heath

Sat 5 PM | Library

We keep hearing about the power of story, but how do we know what parts of our own story are most powerful and how can we use that to effect the world around us? How do we move beyond the mini stories we share on instagram, snapchat, and facebook? In this session we will look at ways to share our own stories as well as how to make space for other’s stories. Pastor, writer, speaker and podcaster Sarah Heath spent a year researching the power of stories and narrative theology for her book “what’s your story? seeing your life through God’s eyes.” She will share how Jospeh Campbell’s heroes journey narrative theory has revolutionized not just the way she sees scripture, but the way she see’s her own life’s storyline.

Sarah Heath

Originally from Canada but spent some time in Southern Mississippi and North Carolina, Sarah currently serves First United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California, where she is the lead pastor for a church re-start and revitalization. Sarah has a passion for music, traveling, acting, creating art, playing and watching sports. She is the author of What’s your story? Seeing your life through God’s eyes and host of the podcast Sonderlust the podcast. The biggest blessings in her life are her random assortment of talented friends and her amazing mutt of a dog, Tenor.

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