Telling Better Stories Together: Improv Theater and Holy Spirit

Lyndsey Medford

Sat Noon | Workshop

Improv theater invites us to tell good stories together through teamwork and a spirit of play. Come play with us—this workshop is made up of games and exercises that will teach us to look for Spirit’s mischief in the world through honesty, listening, risk-taking, and fun. Take away some ideas for using creativity to invite others into more moments of yes—spaces to practice openness to new ideas and experiences.Two Rivers Church is a new United Methodist church plant in Charleston, SC.

Lyndsey Medford

Lyndsey Medford is watching a new garden and a new church grow in Charleston, SC, and she’s making it all up as she goes along. She has an MTS from Boston University and four years’ improv experience at a Pentecostal university.

Lyndsey writes about spirituality, social justice, bodies, and church at and elsewhere. Find her on the socials @lyndseymedford.

129 Improv Storytelling

Session #129