Is Christianity Even Good for Us?My Story and Interviews with Queer Christian Women

Rachel Murr

Fri 2 PM | Library

For years, I was a part of Christian communities that taught false and disparaging things about LGBTQ people. While angry at the church’s treatment of LGBTQ people, I still took on the belief that it was not okay for me to be gay. Over time, I came to change my beliefs about what kind of life and love could be possible for me, and I felt freed! But, coming out in my so-called progressive Evangelical community led to conflict, loss, and disappointment. It made me wonder if my faith was even good for me. These experiences, led me to interview other lesbian and bisexual women who’ve held onto faith despite some negative experiences. I wanted to know why and how they kept their faith. Their stories of resilience gave me hope for a faith that no longer causes harm, but offers healing, connection and hope. In this session, I’ll share my story and what I learned from this research.

Rachel Murr

Rachel is a social worker and therapist at a community mental health agency outside of Detroit, Michigan. Rachel’s book, Unnatural: Spiritual Resiliency in Queer Christian Women was born out of her experiences in non-affirming communities and her qualitative research. Now, Rachel has taken on the unexpected role of Pastor’s Wife since marrying Emily Swan, co-pastor of Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor. They have a beautiful community there.

123 Is Christianity Even Good For Us (LGBTQ)? Stories of Resilient Faith

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